1. Everything You See Is Me
2. Questions In My Mind
3. A Perfect Love
4. Just For Believing
5. Chanting
6. Within The Sound
7. When Will The Day Come
8. The Dream Is Over

Randy Breacker (tp)
George Young (sax)
Patience Higgins (sax on M-3)
Jorge Barreiro (strings on M-1, vib)
Dave Webb (p on M-4, key)
Roger Panansky (key, synth)
London McDaniels, Piers Lawrence (g)
Randy Covens (b)
Anthony Jackson (b on M-5, 7)
Webb Thomas (ds)
Chris McDaniels (ds, vo)
Calvin Moss (vo on M-4)
Vakresvara Pandit (vo on M-5)
Bee Snow (vo on M-6, backing vo)
Ruderial Blackwell (backing vo) 

Recorded at Music Farm Studios, New York, 1978 (Govinda)