1. Nordlicht
2. Salute To Lars Gullin (I Can't Believe)  
3. Yesterdays 
4. I Surrender Dear 
5. Bami  
6. Moon Over Miami 
7. Manhattan  
8. Love For Sale 
9. Sum 
10. Berlin Calling  

M-1. and 8. recorded May 25, 1958 at the German jazz festival (Volksbildungsheim Frankfurt) :
Helmut Brandt (bs), Conny Jackel (tp) Günther Maier (p),  Erich Gerosch (b), Hans-Dieter Taubert (ds)

M-2., 6., 9. and 10. recorded 1957 at AFN Radio Studio in Berlin : 
Helmut Brandt (bs), Conny Jackel (tp), Ludwig Ebert (p),  Klaus Gernhuber (b), Hans-Dieter Taubert (ds)

M-3. recorded May 21, 1956 at the German jazz festival in Frankfurt : 
Helmut Brandt (bs), Gert Mann (p), Klaus Gernhuber (b), Heinrich Schröder (ds)

M-4. recorded June 23, 1958 at SWF Radio Studio in Baden-Baden : 
Helmut Brandt Quartet featuring Roland Kovac (p), Peter Trunk (b), Kenny Clarke (ds)

M-5. and 7. recorded in the late 1950s at SFB Radio Studio in Berlin :
Helmut Brandt (bs, ts), sidemen unknown

(Sonorama Records)