1. A Man For All Reasons 
2. Blues For A Weary Man
3. Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need 
4. Bee Bop Boogie 
5. Love's Losers 
6. The Light Of Mankind

Larry Davis, Anthony R. Brown, Leonard Ray Felton, Charles Fuller (tp)
Lincoln A. Ross, Ronald Thompson, Frederick Webb (tb)
Gary Hart (ts, fl)
Bill Reid (bs)
Hilton C. Felton Jr (p. el-p, org, xylophone, perc)
Orville J. Saunders II, W. "Rock" Tipton (g)
Andrew White III, Joe Hall III (b)
Stephen A. Walker, Howard Chichester (ds)
Lino Druitt (congas, perc)
E.L James (vo)

Released 1970s (Hilton's Concept)