1. Astral Travelling
2. Red, Black & Green 
3. Thembi 
4. Love 
5. Morning Prayer 
6. Bailophone Dance 

Pharoah Sanders (ts, ss, bells, perc)
Lonnie Liston Smith (p, el-p, claves, perc)
Cecil McBee (b, finger cymbal, perc)
Clifford Jarvis (ds, maracas, bells, perc)
James Jordan (ring cymbal on M-3)
Michael White (vln, perc) 
M-5 & 6:
Pharoah Sanders (ts, a-fl, koto, brass bells, balaphone, maracas, cow horn, fifes)
Lonnie Liston Smith (p, ring cymbal, shouts, balaphone)
Cecil McBee (b, bird effects)
Roy Haynes (ds)
Nat Bettis, Chief Bey, Majid Shabazz, Anthony Wiles (african perc)

M-1~4 recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA, November 25, 1970. M-4 is an unaccompanied bass solo.
M-5 & 6 recorded at the Record Plant, New York City, January 12, 1971.