1. In Time
2. It's a Family Affair (Groove Vibe Version)
3. Fun
4. Same Thing
5. You Can Make It If You Try
6. Stand !
7. Thank You For Talking To Me Africa
8. It's a Family Affair (Falu Mumbai Mix)
9. Same Thing (67 Mulholland Drive Mix)
10. Dreams

Ingrid Jensen (tp on M-2, 5)
Barry Danielian (tp on M-3, 7)
Gottfried Stoger (ts on M-1)
Jeff Coffin (saxes, horn arrangement on M-7)
Ron Holloway (ts on M-3)
Jay Rodriguez (ts on M-2, 5, 8, 9, bs on M-4, fl and bcl on M-10)
Jason Miles (key, programming, org, synth, synth bass)
Nick Moroch (g on M-1, 10)
Will Bernard (g on M-2, 6, 8, 9)
Dean Brown (g on M-5, 7)
Amanda Ruzza (b on M-2, 6 to 9)
Mocean Worker a.k.a Adam Dorn (b on M-5, EFX and beats on M-10)
Greg Errico (ds on M-1, 5, 6)
Adrian Harpham (ds on M-2, 8)
Brian Dunne (ds on M-7, 9)
Bashiri Johnson (perc on M-7)
Nona Hendryx (vo on M-1, 4, 9)
Falu Lead (vo on M-7, 8, 10)
Roberta Flack (vo on M-8)
Maya Azucena (vo on M-3, 5, 6, background vocals on M-1)
Amy Hanaialii (vo, vocal adlibs on M-7)
Malika Zarra World (vo on M-1)
James D Train Williams (vo on M-2, 5)
Porter Carrol (vo on M-6)
Butterscotch (beat box on M-1, scratching, vo on M-5)
DJ. Logic (turntables on M-2 to 4, 9, 10)

Released June 11, 2013 (zoho roots)