1. Family And Friends
2. God Gave You Your Mind
3. Never Can Say Goodbye
4. Spreading Fever
5. La, La Means I Love You
6. Family Reunion
7. Clay's Way
8. The Power Of Love, (It's In My Heart)

Gary Hart (ss)
Andrew White III (ts)
William Reid (bs)
Hilton C. Felton Jr. (p, org, clavichord, xylophone, vib, vo)
Orville J. Saunders (g)
Joe Hall (fender and string bass)
William Goffigan (ds on M-1 to 4)
Periclease Jacobs (ds on M-5 to 8)
Michael Cameron (congas)
Elett D. Ricks (chant)
Tawatha Agee (chant on M-2)
Angela W. Winbush (chant on M-3)

Released 1970s (Hilton's Concept Inc)