1. Can You Feel It (Let It Groove You)
2. I Think About You
3. What Part Of Heaven Do You Come From ?
4. Stargazer
5. Summer Sun
6. Whirlpool
7. Sting Ray
8. Daydreams
9. Confrontation

Todd Anderson (as, ts on except M-3, p and el-p on M-7, background vo on M-1, synth on M-9)
Howard Schneider (p, el-p on except M-3)
Neil Larsen (key on M-3)
Cliff Carter (synth on M-4, 9)
Jeff Richman (g on except M-3)
Hiram Bullock (g on M-3)
Neil Stubenhaus (b on M-1, 2, 4, 5, 7)
Willie Weeks (b on M-3)
Eddie Rivera (b on M-6, 8, 9)
Richie Morales (ds on except M-3)
Andy Newmark (ds on M-3)
Ray Barretto (congas, perc on except M-3)
Carlos Cordova (timbales, perc on except M-3)
Little Ray Romero (bongos on M-9)
Alfa Anderson, Diva Gray (background vo on M-3)
Cissy Houston (vo on M-1, 5)
Prince Phillip Mitchell (vo on M-3)
Chris Robinson, Kelly Barretto, Michelle Robinson, Ray Barretto II, Walter "Flea" Garcia (vo on M-4)
Googie Coppola (vo on M-4, 6)

Recorded 1978 at Atlantic Studios, New York, New York (Atlantic)