1. My Old Flame
2. My Ship
3. You Have Cast Your Shadow On The Sea
4. Better Luck Next Time
5. Long Ago
6. Star Eyes
7. This Heart Of Mine
8. On Morning In May
9. Now We Know
10. Nobody Else But Me
11. Anything Can Happen With You
12. There's No You
13. Willow Weep For Me
14. Between The Devil And The Sea

Bill Baker (p on M-1 to 12)
Lou Levy (p on M-14)
Bob Wyble (g on M-1 to 12)
Jack Cauglan (b on M-1 to 12)
Max Bennett (b on M-13, 14)
Milton Raskin (perc on M-1 to 12)
Chack Flores (ds on M-13, 14)
Carole Creveling (vo)

Recorded 1955 ~ 1956 (Euterpean Productions)