1. Mes Histoires Bleues
2. Voyage
3. Sous La Mer
4. Autrefois
5. Entre Ses Cils
6. Israel Suite Part 1
7. Israel Suite Part 2
8. Israel Suite Part 3
9. Israel Suite Part 4

J.L. Chautemps (fl on M-5)
Jean-Pierre Mas (p, org, per, g, vo)
Georges Locatelli (g)
Jean Francios Jean Clark (b)
Sylvian Krief a.k.a Airto Fogo (ds, per, vo)
Bernard Becker (per, ds)
Nichole Croisille (chorus)
Michel Fugain and Big Bazar (chorus)

Recorded Between May 10 and July 20, 1973 (Independence work)