1. The Island
2. Shards Of Providence
3. Way Back Now
4. Slow Day
5. Suddenly, They Are Gone
6. Rubber Chicken Diner
7. Odd Way Out
8. Cab In The Rain

Rupert Cobb (tp on M-3, 7)
Jim Watson (key on M-1-4, 6-8)
Ray Russell (g)
George Baldwin (el-b on M-1)
Jimmy Johnson (el-b on M-2, 7)
Anthony Jackson (b on M-3)
Mo Foster (el-b on M-4, 6)
Gary Husband (ds on M-1, 2, 4)
Ralph Salmins (ds on M-3, 6, 7)
 'Kaskel' (additional soundscape on M-7)

Released 2013 (Abstract Logix)