1. Introduction
2. Two Happy Sad Guitars
3. Saltamontes
4. Let's Make The Stevens Cake !!
5. Musical Express
6. ...And Three Parasol Stars
7. Astroland By Bus
8. Coney Island Memories
9. Marsico
10. St. Nicholas' Blue Melody
11. Ml Db (Mary Louise Song)
12. Faye's Flying Shoes
13. Dedicated To Timmy The Whale
14. Sirens Pray For Us
15. G-Lombardi Magic Rollercoasters
16. Flying bicycles to Reykjavic
17. Innocent throughts fluorescent words

Giorgio Tuma (vo)

Os Tumantes:
Marco Tuma (fl)
Simona Colomba (key)
Salvatore Papa (el-g)
Massimiliano Gianuzzi (b)
Alessio Borgia (ds)
Matilde Davoli (vo, g)

Additional Musicians:
Claudio Prima (acc)
Antonio Valsano (brasilian perc)

Recorded beyween April 2006 and October 2007 (Elefant Records)