1. Who Is The Chief - Greeting on Atumpan
2. When I Die There Will Be Peace In The House - Aweso
3. Proverbs on the Atumpan
4. Fontomfrom - The Royal Drums
5. The Royal Horn
6. You Are So Brave - Funeral Dirge
7. My Lover Is Stranded At The Opposite Side of the River - Funeral Dirge
8. My Eyes Are Flooded With Tears - Funeral Dirge
9. Akapoma
10. Let Us Say Goodbye - Kununku
11. Denseuo
12. New Love Is More Than Madness - Love Song
13. If I Don't Marry You I'll Feel Embarrased - Love Song
14. Nana Yago - Cantata
15. Tana Tinana - Cantata
16. The Brass Band
17. Eggs Are Eggs - Proverb on the Atumpan

Ahenkaan (perc, vo)
Amma Kyerenmaa (vo)
Kofi Boanu (perc, vo)
Kwame Mensah (perc, vo)
Kwame Yeboah (perc, vo)
and many more

Produced & Recorded in 1976 by Swedish musician Bengt Berger