1. Why Are You Cryin'
2. Good Woman
3. Happy Hooker
4. Ain't What You Know
5. Girl, I Can Feel Ya
6. How Do You Hang On To A Dream
7. Let By Gones Be By Gones
8. To Be In Love With Yourself
9. On This Side of Town

Bobby Boyd (vo)
Gene Dutkin, Gene Dutkin (tp)
Gerald Deas, John Clouse (tb)
Gerry Gottus (as)
Dennis Anderson, Vinnie Dellarocca (ts)
Tom Coppolla (key)
Bill Wallace (g on M-2, 3, 5~9)
Don Taylor (g on M-1, 4)
David Kelly (b on M-2, 3, 5~9)
John Cotsonas (b on M-1, 4)
Joey Saulter (ds on M-1, 4)
Willie "Nute" Boyd (ds on M-2, 3, 5~9)
Jimmy Carrow (conga)

Released mid 1970's (Tiger Lily)